Belgium (Antwerp Area)

Belgium - Antwerp

"Obviously, Belgium should not be missing from our list of projects. Close to our base Mechelen is Antwerp, a bustling city with plenty of trade, especially with the port. BQA is competing in a tender procedure for a long-term concession for a terrain located in the Churchill dock in the NextGen District – a new business park for circular economy in the Port of Antwerp. The plan is to build a recycling plant on that lease terrain, so that we can anchor our roots and integrate ourselves into the organic whole of the port. Moreover, the Port of Antwerp is also the ideal place for the supply and removal of raw materials. We are currently waiting for a decision to be made, and hope to have more news soon!

In addition, a research project is also being prepared in Belgium for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will be used in the future to fine-tune the feedstock and output."


  • Capacity: 40 tonnes/day full-scale facility
  • Pre-construction phase


  • Awaiting decision from the Port of Antwerp for a 3.5ha lease terrain
  • BNP Paribas are willing to participate in the project at large
  • Subsidy dossiers in preparation
  • Offtake and supply guaranteed

Total Amount

€210,000/year (concession over approx. 30-years)