"BQA is not only active in Europe, we also have projects running in Africa. In Kenya, for example, a grant file is still ongoing, but this has been delayed due to the current political situation. Government development was still in full swing there, after the August 9 elections, so no decision could be made on the Kenyan side yet, but now things are finally moving forward, as a cabinet has been formed in the meantime. Therefore, the project is now being formally dealt with by the proper instances. If we get the green light, a test installation will be displayed at three locations, in particular in Mombasa, Nairobi and at Lake Victoria, with the aim of convincing the parties concerned of the usefulness of our system and developing an ecosystem.

Our ultimate goal is to set up a factory in Kenya, with financial support from the government. Kenya is the dreamed operating base, given the good accessibility and the opportunities to enrich nature restoration. Thus, a win-win for the country and our company."


  • Capacity: 5 tonnes/day demonstrator
  • Awaiting government approval


  • Awaiting decision from Flanders government/Finexpo agency in conjunction with NetFund for a government subsidy
  • If awarded, this will earn a projected profit of +-€125,000 and secured an investment of an extra €250,000
  • Subsidy covers the initial production, shipping, set-up, and parts, plus profit and consultancy required

Total Amount

€699,875 (€105,000 needed to demonstrate financial viability to the government agency)