Spain (Malaga Region)

Spain - Malaga

"When you think of Spain, you immediately think of a sunny country, which makes it the ideal place for our solar park. BQA found a terrain in Mula, and we are currently in the process of purchasing it. Initially, solar panels will be installed on the terrain, in order to generate revenues as quickly as possible. Later, a recycling plant will be built on it. At first, it will involve 3.5 hectares of solar panels, but this area can be expanded further later, as the total terrain is 27 hectares.

Once we have started in Mula, we also want to build a recycling plant in other Spanish regions, since the plastic problem is significant in the whole country. If we can make Spain a success, the Spanish former colony of the Dominican Republic also beckons us."


  • Capacity: 40 tonnes/day full-scale facility
  • Pre-construction phase


  • Branch in Spain has been officially formed
  • Purchasing a 280ha terrain
  • €500,000 to act as own input for bank loan
  • Pre-purchase agreement in place with the seller
  • Solar farm business case being developed
  • Private investors, Santander loan and subsidies being lined up

Total Amount

€20,000,000 (€4,000,000 down-payment required)