An important challenge for a sustainable future is the recycling of waste.
BioQuest Alliance combines the knowledge of companies from different fields and countries into a whole new kind of factory.
A green factory for the benefit of all.


BioQuest will turn plastics, surplus food and biomass into electrical power, biofuel and other raw materials.
BioQuest will operate on a CO2-neutral basis, and has as explicit goal to open 20 facilities by 2025, with 5 facilities currently under development.


A test batch demo


Preliminary drawings of machinery for converting plastics into biofuel

Drawing 1
Drawing 1

Our Investors Program

BioQuest Alliance is more than the building and exploitation of a waste processing facility.

When deployed fully, plastic and green waste (such as vegetable rejects) are transformed to both fuel and energy in one facility. At the same time, the facility acts as a commercial research centre, dedicated to continuous process improvement, and technology development. As BQA’s strategy is to maintain as short as possible supply lines, multiple facilities will be constructed to serve an optimal number of suppliers and buyers.

All of this offers tremendous possibilities for investors, regardless of the investment strategy followed. Contact us today to see where our interests meet. The total project allows for extreme flexibility to meet expectations.
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BioQuest Alliance is a unique investment opportunity in circular and green industry, both at start-up, and during the lifecycle of the project(s) held under the BQA banner.

BioQuest Alliance has created a particularly economical model for transforming plastic and organic waste to fuel and chemical base products in first instance, and to highly efficient green energy in second instance.

Over the next five years, BioQuest Alliance seeks to open twenty individual facilities worldwide, with approximately five projects currently under development. While the individual facility requirements and returns vary, the projected average investment per facility is 20 Million Euros, with a prognosed return of 10 – 15% over 10 years, dependent on the exact investment strategy pursued.

Regardless of how you wish to invest, an investment in BioQuest Alliance is a an investment into a greener and more circular fuel, energy, and petro-chemical industry, not only due to the use of waste products as main feedstock, but also because of the creation of essential new technology.

As such, whether you wish to invest with the goal of immediate returns, in the interest of monetising IP, or as a long-term high-yield investment, there are multiple options for entering and exiting the project throughout its runtime.



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